Flaunt Your Body Shape in Your Ideal Type of Swimsuit

A sexy swimsuit is necessary for enjoying a beach party and chilling out a pool party in hot summer season. Flaunt your body in a girlish swimsuit and enjoy the cool water at your fullest. There are different types of swimsuits available in the market and only Rockabilly Clothing Online UK designs ten different kinds of swimsuits for different body shapes. Comfort and attention are the two requirements of an ideal type of swimsuit and you can achieve these requirements only when you wear right swimsuit that perfectly hugs your body curves and maintains the flexibility factor as well. Here in the article, we are going to describe five popular types of swimsuits which perfectly flaunt your body and give you trendy look.

One Piece Swimsuit

It always maintains its place in fashion and ideal for ladies who don’t want to expose their body a lot. The clingy swimsuit perfectly sticks to your body and covers the top of it. The suit is ideal for curvy bodies as it completely covers the tummy and hides the excess fat. Various celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Sharmila Tagore are often seen in one piece swimsuit at beach parties.

  • One piece swimsuit is best for curvy ladies and pregnant women who dislike to expose their skin
  • Voluptuous ladies should go for deep neckline and avoid close boat neckline as it augments their obesity and makes them seem overweighed
  • Light color one piece suits aren’t made for curvy girls. They must choose dark colors like black, navy blue, and red as they absorb light and make a congested appearance. Prefer monotone swimsuits rather multicolor swimsuits
  • Polyamide and lycra spandex are the best fabrics for one piece suits. These fabrics are sticky and convenient during swimming


Bikini is the popular swimsuit in all over the world and the first choice of every beach girl. It’s the dream swimsuit of every young and old lady. Girls do immense efforts to make their shape ideal of the bikini. Every lady can wear bikini and enjoy its perks if she wear a bikini according to her body shape. Tie-dye print, neon shades, exotic photo prints, and ruffles are the trendy patterns while nylon, cotton, and polyester fabrics answer to needs of convenient bikini. Rockabilly Clothing Online UK defines bikini styles and the recommended body shapes for them.

Monokini Style: The woman having rectangular body shape can bring some curves in the appearance by wearing monokini style. It’s quite fluffy at the top and gives an illusion of heavy busts.

Trikini Style: A perfect choice for hourglass figure. The bikini flaunts your body curves and shows your slim waist. Woman having rectangular body shape can also wear this style.

Bandeaukini Style: It style boosts the strengths of mid-bust women and brings out elegance of the hour-glass body shape.

Tankini: Apple shape body can steal spotlight by wearing the stunning tankini at the pool parties and beach weekends


Rockabilly Clothing Online UK recommends skirtini to pear shape ladies and those who have high thighs. It creates an illusion of slim things by covering the upper portion of it. Cast an impression on the beach participants with your coy look and cover up your hips and thighs. Ruffle polka style, A-line skirtni, and tribal pattern are rocking the season while they had highest demand in the last summer as well. Increase your confidence and say goodbye to your body concerns by selecting high waist skirtinis. Ryon, polyester, spandex, and polyamide are the ideal fabrics for skirtini as they are soft, convenient, and non allergic.

Tankini Set

Tankini set is the combination of tank top and bikini. The stunning swimsuit flaunts your body perfectly without exposing its flaws. It hides your tummy fat and creates a curvy look. Flawless crafting lets the mid age women to pick it and wear it without fearing their body weaknesses. Rockabilly Clothing Online UK considers it best for apple shape ladies who have a fat tummy. Moreover, apple shape ladies must go for V shape neckline and avoid covered neckline as it creates a bulky appearance.

  • Pear shape and apple shape ladies can bring a flattery look through tankini set
  • Avoid horizontal prints to keep the viewr’s attention away from your busts
  • Draw the attention to your lower body by picking up thick straps
  • Look spectacular in Peplum tankini set and floral print tankini set. Apple shape and pear shape ladies should always follow the formula ‘look slim in dark colors’
  • Flexible and stretchable fabrics are ideal for the preparation of tankini sets


Legsuit usually have knee-length that covers a major part of your body. They are elegant yet sassy swimsuits which are ideal for water sports like swimming. Countries like Dubai and Maldives pose some restrictions on swimsuits and define some dress codes. Taking legsuit with you will save you from facing any inconvenience. Halter neckline legsuit is a good option for hourglass body shapes while the tall and slim ladies can go for legsuit and look super-cool on the beach with their elegant long legs. Cross back and racer back style are in the trend, but the ladies having bulky body shape can also wear plain legsuit in dark shades. Famous online websites like Rockabilly Clothing Online UK term polyester and spandex fabrics ideal for the manufacturing of legsuit.

Swimsuits bring out your inner confidence and unleash your happiness. Beach babes can get more self-confidence and radiance with the self-satisfaction that they will get from a thrilling swimsuit. Rockabilly Clothing Online UK has years of experience in designing and selling unique and sexy swimsuits. It’s  a big misconception that only perfect figures can enjoy the perks of swimsuits. All you need is to pick right swimsuit that matches well with your body and answers to its needs. Wrong swimsuit style can conceal the exquisiteness of an hourglass body while a right swimsuit can convent a non-appealing body into a head turning figure.







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